A good relationship truly is one of the greatest joys in life; an abusive dating relationship can be one of the worst.

It’s very important to keep an eye out for signs that may indicate the person you are hoping to spend your life with might make your life a living hell.

The sooner you see the signs and get out, the less anguish you’ll have to suffer at their hands.

There are other forms of abuse besides physical and sexual. When a partner is continually undermining their partner’s self-esteem by making fun of them, calling them names, flirting with…

Narcissists behave as if life has hurt them, and ONLY THEM.

In their twisted, deranged, myopic minds, they believe because they had ONE BAD DAY that they can be the walkings turds they are to everyone because of…ONE BAD DAY.

Their bad childhood may very well be nothing more than an excuse.

An excuse to get away with being the POS they are to everyone that comes across their path.

It is too bad that mommy or daddy didn’t give them enough hugs and kisses as a kid, but…HOW THE HELL IS THAT OUR FAULT?

The answer to that…IT IS…

Relationships are about trust and communication, but over time that can erode away. You may start out loving one another, but those feelings can fade over time. You get bored with each other and want to experience new things. This is why most affairs occur.

There are ways you can find out if you have a Cheating boyfriend. They are not exact or set in stone, but they can be fairly decent guidelines to help you determine whether or not your man is going to someone else for his needs.

Note: Gaslighting is a favorite tactic of narcissists to use…

3 Major Focuses of Recovery For Optimized Mental Health

Focus on the Individual

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Narcissistic personality disorder is quite a dangerous mental condition that can ruin the lives of many. When I say ruin the lives of many, I don’t mean NPD sufferers; I’m talking about those who come into contact with them (these naive empaths come to mind).

A high self-inflated ego characterizes narcissism alongside believing that they’re the perfect person on earth or at least in the room. These people often think that they’re unique and, because of this, feel entitled to favors from everyone.

Many who have this disorder display a trait of self-importance, lack of empathy, and skillful manipulation. …

“Puer Aeternus” — the eternal adolescent, the sempiternal Peter pan — is a phenomenon often associated with pathological narcissism. People who refuse to grow up strike others as self-centered and aloof, petulant and brattish, arrogant and demanding — in short: as childish or infantile.

The narcissist is a partial adult (a kidult). They seek to avoid adulthood. Infantilisation — the discrepancy between one’s advanced chronological age and retarded behavior, cognition, and emotional development — is the narcissist’s preferred art form. Some narcissists even use a childish tone of voice occasionally and adopt a toddler’s body language.

But most narcissists resort…

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Common among war veterans, rape victims, and others who can experience terrifying events, post-traumatic stress disorder is a condition that is characterized by the gripping fear persistent due to flashback thoughts of an ordeal.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, also called PTSD can hurt a person’s work, social, and family lives.

There are a number of horrible events that could cause one to experience PTSD symptoms.

Besides those listed above, these include child abuse, violent attacks, threats, natural disasters, and accidents.

In any cause, there is usually a sense of helplessness and tragic danger. …

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In the unlikely event, you or one of your friends are a victim of dating violence, there are a number of steps you can take to rectify the situation.

There are three main types of dating violence, including physical, emotional, and sexual violence.

It is important to understand the difference between the three, and what you can do in each of the three circumstances.

With physical violence, there is hitting involved. There can also be pushing, shoving, or slapping around as well.

Sometimes when the man slaps the woman, she does not call that abuse, but the fact is that…

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There are three main types of dating abuse that you should be aware of when you or one of your friends are dating.

The main types of abuse are physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse.

There are distinct differences between the three, and when you are aware of what each means, you will be able to identify it at the drop of a dime.

Physical abuse happens when someone does something physical to hurt others or knock-off balance against their will.

For example, if a man is upset at his partner and slaps her across the face, physical abuse…

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