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“I find that if I did not laugh at the insanity that others try to thrust onto me, I would just cry. And my tears, once they started to flow……………WOULD……………..NOT………………STOP!” — Xavier

Note: I have written a book called “Empathic Warriors Survival Stories: Not Your Ordinary Empath”. If you are…

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” — Dr. King

There is something to be said about persistence. …

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Being a parent is perhaps one of the greatest accomplishments and jobs that a person can ever achieve or have in life.

It is an honor to be a father to your child. To be that protector, that guide, that role model for your kids.

It is an honor to…

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Is it possible to make a narcissist regret leaving you, discarding you, and hurting you?

You may be surprised, and pleasantly surprised, I might add, to know that it is possible to make a narcissist regret all of the above.

Now, before you get super excited, their regret is not…

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Narcissists know how to berate, belittle, and argue their pants off. They know how to put someone down and make that person feel like they are less than they really are.

Narcs are masters of verbal abuse. It is a craft that they have mastered.

They can be the ones…

Is It Possible To Improve Your Eyesight In 30 Days

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My eyesight of late has been deteriorating, and I think — NO, I know this is because of how many hours I spend behind my laptop.

I know that staring at bluescreens, especially in the dark, IS NOT GOOD FOR YOUR EYES.


Now, because…

My Focus Is Becoming More Profound…Who Needs Pills?

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Day 3 of my meditation.

Disclaimer: This article includes an affiliate link!

Last night I was listening to an affirmation video (About what? …

Clarity Of Ideas

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Day 2 of my meditation challenge.

Disclaimer: This article includes affiliate links.

Before I go to bed, I listen to audios of affirmations.

Now, to reiterate, I do not believe in the laws of attraction, spirituality, or higher beings (well, I am on the fence about all of them, really).

Yeah! I Know What I Wrote

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Halloween Kills,” the dumpster fire shit movie it is, just released a few days ago, and my appreciation for the Halloween franchise has taken a HUGE NOSEDIVE.

I mean, this movie was GARBAGE.

Stupid plot. Stupid dialogues. Stupid characters.

I mean, damn, the characters were stupid as hell.

And just…

Maxwell Jordan

I refuse to allow the negative people in life to tear me down. I will not be defeated by life, life will be defeated by my will to be happy.

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