Ghosting Is Not Revenge…It Is Your Freedom

Maxwell Jordan
5 min readApr 29, 2021
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“No one leaves me.”

Toxic people live in a delusional world that only they can see and interact in — and in their delusional world, they do not see people (human beings) as individual souls and agents of reality.

No, to these toxic people, people are just tools, toys, instruments for their pleasure.

The idea of telling a toxic person, “Hey! This isn’t working out, I think we need to split up,” will not get you an “Okay! That makes sense. All I do is cause so much drama, and I think it's best for your sanity to leave the nutjob that is me.”

This will NEVER happen.

Toxic people, narcissistic people, people with personality disorders are NOT OPERATING from a level of reason, logic, and sanity.

Narcissists see us as an extension of their minute will.

Toxic people see us as a plaything.

And people with personality disorders such as BPD, DPD, PPD see us as their means to survive (And I am NOT ATTACKING PEOPLE WITH PERSONALITY DISORDERS — they truly go through hell, and I wish them strength in overcoming their very REAL demons that only they see and face).

Sitting down and having a heart-to-heart with these people will not change anything, and they will not just “get” that they are the problem.

And depending on the type of toxic person you are dealing with; you can expect:

  • Blameshifting — “YOU MADE ME DO IT.”
  • Gaslighting — “I didn’t do that…YOU did that.” (Check out this ebook, “Are you being gaslit?” These people know how to distort people’s perception.)

Having a mature conversation with these people is NOT going to happen, and sadly what could have been an amicable separation will probably end up badly.

Ghosting Is Not Revenge…It Is Freedom

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