How To Hurt A Narcissists — Ghost The Heck Out Of Them

Maxwell Jordan
4 min readApr 28, 2021
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I wrote an article title “Why I Ghost Narcissists” and why I like it when they ghost me, and unsurprising, there are were many ENABLERS who responded with a bit of vitriol.

Ghosting a narcissist is not only LIBERATING, but it is one of the best punishments that we can enact on a narcissist without us GOING TO PRISON.

The argument that you get about ghosting someone is that they say it is cowardly.

Yet, somehow being gaslighted is not cowardly.

Check out this book, “Are You Being Gaslit?

You want to talk about cowardly; gaslighting is a cowardly and sneaky tactic that makes us feel as if we are the bad guys. It distorts our reality so that they can control us easily.

And this makes you wonder why the hell would you sit down with someone and tell them ALL the reasons you are breaking up with them? They are not going to listen in an understanding tone.

They will listen and TAKE NOTES on how to better get away with their abuse with us or the new supply.

And this is easily one of the major reasons why we must ghost the narcissist.

Why give them all the reasons as to how they hurt us? All that is going to do is make them more cunning and manipulative.



Maxwell Jordan

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