I’d Rather Starve With My Dignity Then Fill My Belly With Shame

Why I Will Never Work A 9 to 5 Again

Maxwell Jordan


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I know I have already perturbed the sensitivities of some with the subheading.

So let me first say, if you have a 9 to 5 that you genuinely love — and you work in an environment that promotes positivity…

CONGRATS on landing a job like that.

I know there are work environments like this that exist.

If I could find a place like that, I would 5% most likely join it.

I am an introvert…PROUD INTROVERT.

I love working for myself.

It is sure as hell is harder, but my gawd, never having to answer to anyone — you just can’t beat that.

I love building and creating.

I don't mind working with people or having people work for me.

But I despise with every fiber of my being WORKING FOR OTHERS.

It is just a character trait of mine — and I am by no means shaming anyone with a 9 to 5 or a 9 to 5 mentality.

Some like following a structure and living in a hierarchy.

I LOVE living outside the hierarchy and just doing my own thing.

People are wired differently.

However, in the “age of information,” I find the idea of working a 9 to 5, when you have every opportunity “online” to earn money, to be a bit disconcerting.

But, to each his own.

To better elucidate what I mean when I say, “I would rather starve with my dignity than fill my belly with shame.”

I am the type of guy who would turn down a million dollars a month just to take somebody’s garbage out simply because I have to call someone a “boss.”

I don't like calling another person a boss.

I guess I have watched that Dame Dash video too much (but I already had that mindset BEFORE I saw the ass-whopping he gave to the “Breakfast Club”🤣).



Maxwell Jordan

I refuse to allow the perceivably insuperable legions of negative people in life to tear me down. I'll not be defeated by life, life will be defeated by me.