My Biggest Mistake My First Year As A Blogger (Don’t Make My Mistake)

Maxwell Jordan
3 min readMay 21, 2021
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When I first ventured into the realm of blogging, I had initially believed that page views and social media followers would be the metrics of my success.

I was initially earning money via my ad revenue, so I was constantly focused on getting more page views and growing my social media followers.

The more social media followers I had and the more page views I had, would mean more money.

As a blogger, I focused solely on Pinterest and Facebook for traffic.

Pinterest easily compromised around 70% of my traffic for my blog, and Facebook came in second.

I received a great deal of traffic from Facebook groups, but more so from Pinterest.

And then, something happened in my second year…


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Being a newbie to blogging, and when I say newbie, I had literally just created the website, wrote a few articles, and posted a few pins on Pinterest, and I received a great deal of traffic; I had thought it was that simple, to write a blog, post a few pins on Pinterest and that was it.

Boy! Was I wrong!

I had done very little SEO research and had no idea about SEO, yet I got traffic, earned money from my blogs, and even increased my followers on Pinterest.

But then the algorithm changes came, and that messed me up badly.

I didn’t really understand how to handle it and kept doing the same thing I had done for months, and my traffic and earnings were all going down, every day, to every week, to three consecutive months of lower page views and ad revenue.

After a while, I started researching how to get traffic and had stumbled upon, but had heard quite a lot during my first year about this method, that email marketing is a great way to get traffic.

“The money is in the list” is what I had often heard. Yet, it was only until my traffic from social media (Pinterest) had started to collapse that I looked into collecting…



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