Stop Trying To See The Good In Narcissist, See What Is There

Maxwell Jordan
5 min readFeb 19, 2021

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There is this idea in society that I find to be quite problematic, and it is this idea that we must see the good in people where these people cannot see their own good.

We empaths, and just sane adults, are always taught to give people the benefit of the doubt — that we don’t know what battles people are undergoing in their hearts and minds.

We should try and see the good in people because we can thus give them the chance to learn how to see their own good and become better people.

All some people need is “just someone to believe in them,” as most people say.

Being an empath is a great thing. Being an empathic male truly is an extraordinary characteristic trait.

However, it is important to learn when to see the good in others and when to care enough for someone to try and help them and care for themselves.

I do believe we DO NOT NEED to be heroes to everyone we come across in life. Some people truly are just monsters, villains, demons in human skin.

To try and save them only serves as an opportunity for them to devour us.

We must be caring, but we must also be smart.

Some people out there are just so devoid of humanity that trying to see the good in them will only waste your time, rob your life of happiness and joy, and drive you to severe levels of depression and anxiety.

With some people, there is NO GOOD in them, and trying to see the good in them will cost you severely later on in life.

In this article, I want to express why we must stop trying to see the good in the narcissist and just see them for what they are.

The “benefit of the doubt” has got to stop at a certain point, and DAMN whatever they may have been through as a child, that gives them NO RIGHT to destroy a life that has never harmed them but has only tried to uplift them.

Some people are broken and can never be repaired, and as sad a statement that may be, it does not change the fact that it is true and that…

Maxwell Jordan

I refuse to allow the perceivably insuperable legions of negative people in life to tear me down. I'll not be defeated by life, life will be defeated by me.