Success Is A Lonely Road: Is It Worth Taking

Maxwell Jordan
3 min readSep 11, 2021
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“Success is a lonely road.”

Success never comes easy.

Those who walk the path of trying to be successful will face a myriad of obstacles. They will be attacked on all fronts. They will start to see that their enemies and friends have formed an alliance against them.

Doubt will start to sink in as your journey will often feel as if you are getting nowhere.

The loss of friends and even family in pursuit of a dream will make you question if any of it worth it.

You will lose SO MUCH in trying to be successful.

And you will wonder if it is worth it.

And the answer is…


You will lose a lot when chasing your dreams, goals, and successes in life.

But you will gain SO MUCH more than you have lost.

Success Is A Lonely Road: Is It Worth Taking

Photo by Fab Lentz on Unsplash

I can think of nothing worst that any of us can feel then but to die regretting NOT living the life we were meant to live.

Many people’s regrets on their deathbed are not doing the things but not doing something they wanted to do.

The idea of dying with many dreams, goals, aspirations, desired successes in life is HELL.

That is not a good way to end your journey your story of life.

Life is going to take many things from us.

It brings us into this existence without our consent and then tries and chump us the whole time we are here.

It will dangle dreams and goals in our face and then smack us down every time we try and reach out to it.

When we pursue it, it then gives us just enough time in a day to pursue the dream but to also maintain relationships with our close loved ones.



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