The Best Dog Types That Are Easy To Train

Maxwell Jordan
4 min readJul 17, 2020
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Dog owners have lots of responsibilities when you think about it. Understand that dogs need a nutritious diet, veterinary care, attention, exercise, and a safe environment.

They are more than animals…they are family!

Getting a dog that is easy to train ensures that you have a well-behaved dog. Although all dogs are trainable, certain breeds are much easier to train when compared to the rest. Which dogs are easiest to train becomes an important subject.

What makes a specific dog breed easy to train?

Dog breeds that are easy to train have the following characteristics:

  • They love the company of people
  • They are motivated by food
  • They can maintain focus for a while

Understand that dogs such as Afghan hounds and Shar Peis are challenging to train because they don’t seek out human companion, and they aren’t motivated by food.

The Top Seven Easiest Dog Breeds To Train

Below is a top 7 list of the easiest dog breeds to train.

1. Australian Shepherd

Photo by Rachel Moenning on Unsplash

The Australian Shepherd is bred to work off-leash in challenging environments. They have a natural problem-solving instinct and focus on human attachment. Because Aussies are quite happy when incentivized by treats and toys, they are quite easy to train.

2. Border Collie

Photo by Baptist Standaert on Unsplash

Border collies are quite easy to train thanks to their attentiveness and extreme intelligence. This dog breed naturally pays close attention to its owner. Their laser focus ensures that they stand out from the rest of the dog breeds. However, understand that Border collies are somewhat nervous when around new places and people.

3. Doberman



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