The Problem With “Someone Owing You Something”

You’ll Waste A Lifetime WAITING For Something Owed To You Instead Of Just Getting It Yourself

Maxwell Jordan


Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

“They owe me an apology.”

“They owe me a job.”

“They owe me my reparation.”

“They owe me a good life.”

As long as you are waiting for someone to give you something you “fweel,” you deserve, you will be waiting your whole life away.

Power is given, strength is earned.

I guess I am born differently, Molded by the hands of fate to be something different.

The idea of anyone owing me respect, goodwill, and reparations is absurd.

You hate me because I’m black?

Hate away if it makes YOU feel better about YOURSELF.

What others think of me is NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

No one owes me anything.

And on the flip side, I OWE NOBODY ANYTHING.

None of us asked to be born.

All of us were cool, not existing; we did it for billions of years.

Yes, it’s not fair to be thrust into this existence and have to figure shit out on your own, but that is life; DEAL WITH IT!

Millions of people are figuring this shit of an experience out.

I have come to realize that those who have a lot in life are the ones who put in the elbow grease to get what they want.

Successful people are not given success or a great life.

They work extra hard to get what they want.

They are denied hundreds to thousands of times, but they keep going after what they want.

They meet failure again and again and again, but they learn from that failure.

They are told “they can’t” by legions of naysayers, yet they tell themselves, “I can.”

Successful people do not go through life waiting (wasting a LIFE) for others to give them something; they go out there and work to get it.



Maxwell Jordan

I refuse to allow the perceivably insuperable legions of negative people in life to tear me down. I'll not be defeated by life, life will be defeated by me.