Trigger Warning: Santa Is…Oh My God, White!?

Black Fragility Is Such A Joke…Black Santa Is So FREAKING STUPID

Maxwell Jordan
6 min readDec 11, 2021


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What world am I living in?

What madness is this?

It boggles my mind how victimhood has become a badge of honor (I HATE VICTIMHOOD MENTALITY)!

It has become a trait that so many people are trying to attain.

Being a victim is like having a superpower.

You are impervious to criticism, ridicule, and accountability.

And I know it is for these reasons that many people desire to have that victimhood status/mark/title.

For me, a black MAN, PROUD AMERICAN, nothing irritates me more than this idea of victimhood mentality and this “triggering” nonsense.

Racism, I have long believed, is NOT A THING, and if it is, it is NOT nearly as bad as the media paints it out to be.

However, some people have made it a profession of theirs to constantly look for and find a reason to be offended or to be made a victim of an oppressive system.

The reason that these assholes do this is that it fills their pockets.

These race hustlers are nothing more than parasites who leech off a concept that has long lost favor in the populace's mind and zeitgeist.

But through the magic of DRAMA and politics, these asswipes can continue to get rich off of an issue that has no real sway in the…



Maxwell Jordan

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